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The Flooded Summer
Wednesday, 24 October 2012 11:38

Few things can disrupt business operations as effectively as flooding; therefore it is essential that companies have a continuity plan in place to keep production moving forward in the event of flooding or other water damage issues.

Businesses depend on being able to be open and operational each and every business day, and any interruption means productional goals are not met and services are not offered. Research has shown that the longer a business is knocked offline, the greater the financial loss and the harder it is for the business to recover in a timely manner.

A slow moving storm system during the summer of 2012 brought torrential rainfall across northern sections of the United Kingdom, killing at least 3 people amid damages estimated to have exceeded £50m. The effect and financial implications this had on businesses was astounding. Reports demonstrated that the floodwater disrupted production and assembly lines, damaged and destroyed product inventory, as well as rendering offices and administrative areas unusable.

As these events have shown, it is important for every business to have a continuity plan in place, outlining procedures that will allow them to continue operations even if part of the business has been damaged. Top tips include:

  • Sourcing remote offices if administrative suites have been damaged;
  • Having the processes in place to allow employees to work from home or other remote locations, and ensuring that they have the proper equipment and access to business mainframes that they need to be able to do so;
  • Production lines should be able to be shifted to alternative locations in case the primary line is closed down;
  • There should be a secondary location for stocking inventory in case the warehouse was the location of the water damage.


For more top tips on how to safeguard your business from the threats of flooding, or any other business disruption, click here.




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EPS provided a first class service in guiding us through the BCM process from start to finish.  We now have a well structured, comprehensive and easy to follow BCM plan, an eager Crisis Management Team and a trusty Battle Bag - all we need now is a crisis!

Chris Ross
Partner, John McKee & Son Solictors

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