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10 Reasons Organisations Can't Cope with Crisis
Monday, 24 September 2012 12:26

1. No plan. There is no plan in place to guide response to the problem or recovery from the impacts

2. No CMT. The organisation doesn't have a designated Crisis Management Team with clear roles and responsibilities

3. No IMS. There is no system for managing information flows into and out of the 'crisis room'. Consequently those taking charge become overwhelmed and/or miss vital information

4. No capability. Everything's in place, but its only on paper - the people needed to make it work are untrained and inexperienced

5. Assume things would work on the day. The plans and capabilities haven't been adequately exercised and tested to spot the gaps, allow improvements and build experience

6. No media strategy. The media feeding frenzy is in full flight and you have no response because it hasn't been considered and practiced in advance

7. No resilience. This thing might run for days; yet it's left in the hands of one or two key individuals, who quickly run out of steam, instead of having teams earmarked for shifts

8. No focus. The organisation doesn't properly understand what it relies on most and how long it has to recover. Plans try to cope with everything and efforts stall

9. Reaction not recovery. The team is busy trying to win the battle and forgets to focus on winning the war; in other words the need to implement the recovery strategies and the skills to do so are missing

10. It'll never happen to us. Sod's law usually applies...!



EPS Client's Testimonials

EPS provided a first class service in guiding us through the BCM process from start to finish.  We now have a well structured, comprehensive and easy to follow BCM plan, an eager Crisis Management Team and a trusty Battle Bag - all we need now is a crisis!

Chris Ross
Partner, John McKee & Son Solictors

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