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The Use of Social Media in BCM Systems
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 14:13

In Spring 2012, Continuity Central conducted a survey to find out how social media is currently being used by business continuity managers.

Out of the 237 responses that were received, 61% indicated that they did not use social media within their business continuity management systems. 41.5% did use social media and 2.5% did not know.

The results from the 41.5% of respondents who indicated that they did use some form of social media have been summarised below.

Which social media resource do you use within your business continuity management system?

  • Twitter - 66%
  • Facebook - 54%
  • LinkedIn - 24%
  • Google+ - 18%
  • Youtube - 18%
  • Blogger - 2%
  • Yammer - 2%
  • Xing - 2%
  • Tumbir - 1%
  • Pinterest - 1%
  • Meetup - 1%
  • Chatter - 1%


In which areas of your business continuity management system do you use social media?

  • Incident communications - 52%
  • Awareness raising - 47%
  • Business continuity team communications - 38%
  • Continuity strategy for telecoms outages - 24%
  • Testing and exercising - 22%
  • Incident management - 21%


Respondents were asked to provide a short description of how social media was used within their business continuity management systems. The most common responses are summarised below.

"Useful resource for awareness raising and keeping up-to-date with industry best practice"

"Incorporated as part of our incident management monitoring"

"Useful for the spreading of information via our communications team"

"Enhances marketing purposes as we are able to continue the discussion with our customers where it is already happening"

"Information communication to staff who are unable to access business systems"

"Allows us to monitor public opinion"

"Enable us to monitor potential interruptions to business"

"Facilitates situational awareness during incidents"


EPS Client's Testimonials

Gaining Business Continuity certification is commercially important to us as it enhances our competitiveness. EPS was fundamental to our success in becoming the first construction company in Ireland to be certified to the British Standard.

Julie O'Hagan
Director, Dixons Contractors

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