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Getting In Shape For The Summer
Monday, 18 June 2012 11:00

Being in shape for the summer, particularly if you have a beach holiday planned, is a common enough aspiration. People identify that they will be facing certain situations that they feel vulnerable about, like fitting into a pair of tight speedos perhaps.

They appreciate that any failure say in equipment due to excessive strain, might leave them exposed and result in reputational damage. They also worry that everyone else will be watching for any imperfection, ready to pounce and take advantage of any misfortune with a quick 'tweet'. Alternatively they may wish to attract others in a competitive environment and are looking for something that makes them stand out in a crowd. That is why they prepare for a summer holiday by hitting the gym or roads and eating a more balanced diet.

So it is with preparing for crises. Have you a nagging doubt about your organisation's level of resilience?

Are you aware of a vulnerability that you have never tested or rehearsed? Have you a big event planned, such as a product launch, and you're worried about the resilience of your suppliers? Do you lack confidence that you wouldn't be left publically exposed if things went wrong? Do you have customers, perhaps even potential ones, which you are trying to impress? Have you competitors waiting in the wings to take advantage of your bad luck? If you answered yes to one or more of these then you should be exercising your Business Continuity and Emergency Plans. Here are ten top tips for doing so;

Get some useful guidance: The British Standard PD 25666 Guidance on exercising and testing for continuity and contingency programmes is a good place to start;

Make sure you get an exercise programme in place: Just as you wouldn't randomly undertake physical exercise in a get fit regime, get a programme for your exercise so that they build upon each other;

Have an aim: For each exercise define the aims and objectives. Make sure they are measurable so that the exercise can deliver on them;

Select a format and resources: Pick the format that will deliver the aim and objectives. That might be a table top discussion, simulation or a live play exercise. Get the resources you need lined up such as a venue, refreshments and equipment;

Become an author: Dream up a possible, even if it's not probable, scenario to deliver the aims and objectives. Develop information injects to help the exercise flow;

Tell everyone else: make sure you produce exercise documentation and brief all participants on the aim, objectives and format prior to the exercise;

Set the evaluation process: Understand how evaluation of performance will take place and by whom;

Deliver the exercise: Facilitate the delivery. Make sure the participants don't feel constrained to take any particular course of action. Be flexible and concentrate on achieving the aims and objectives;

Become a publisher: Consolidate the lessons identified during the exercise. Produce the Post Exercise Report and disseminate it. Action the recommendations from the report.

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You put together a strong but gently supportive team which matched our needs superbly. We chose EPS on the basis of the effort they made to understand the needs and dynamics of the organisation and to provide a tailored product. We were very impressed with the service; keep doing what you are doing!

Jill Hunter
Safety and Risk Manager, North Down Borough Council

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