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Top Marks For Business Continuity Awareness Week Seminar
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 14:16

On the 14th March 2012 HP and local experts Emergency Planning Solutions (EPS) recently joined forces to host a seminar in support of Business Continuity Awareness Week 2012.

The seminar entitled, “Dealing With Disruption” was held at HP’s Recovery Facility in Newtownabbey and focused on some of the critical business continuity pressures facing businesses today. The assembled audience of business owners and company directors heard several eye-opening examples of how some companies have faced closure due to the impact of major disruption. Attendees also availed of the opportunity to tour HP’s state of the art recovery facilities.

“Unfortunately, competing priorities during difficult economic times mean many businesses ignore the need for a robust, tried and tested Business Continuity capability”, commented Rupert Johnston a Director of EPS and speaker at the seminar, “however, when important stakeholders such as key customers, insurance companies and investors are increasingly looking at how well a company can deal with a disruption, it is in a company’s interest to have resilient plans and well prepared teams in place to protect the future of their commercial relationships. The known cost of preparation is almost always less than the unknown cost of a runaway disruption; you really can’t afford not to be prepared.”

In some industries companies may be able to cope for a number of days or even weeks should there be a disruption to their supply chain, but the nature of supply chains today with just in time and lean processes mean the margins for error are slim. The nature of some industries may only require a disruption of a number of hours before the damage is so great a company cannot recover.

“It is sad that perfectly good companies can be ruined by a major disruption hitting their business. All the statistics show that companies who take the time to plan for how they will cope in the event of disruption are the companies who tend to make it through the other side with less damage”, said Dawn Bowers of HP’s Business Recovery Services.

In the last year alone many NI based companies have suffered from the impact of seemingly far removed disruptions to their supply chain, such as the Japanese tsunami or flooding in Thailand, and in some cases both. However, major disruption does not always have to be as a result of a natural disaster on the other side of the planet. Sometimes innocuous occurrences such as a contractor severing a telecoms cable outside your office building could knock out critical systems for your business and stop important sales calls from taking place. Indeed in October 2011 HP’s recovery centres in Dublin supported multiple simultaneous invocations when widespread flooding in Dublin City caused power and telecommunications failures.

“Can you afford to take this chance?” said Alan Elwood, chair of the local branch of the Business Continuity Institute and a Director of EPS, “companies and their stakeholders are increasingly looking at how they can protect their supply chain to either side step the disruption or bounce back from the effects quickly.”




EPS Client's Testimonials

EPS was particularly impressive in quickly grasping the nature and complexity of our complex and geographically dispersed structure and processes. They guided us skilfully and sensitively through to the completion of our BCP. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending EPS.

Cliff Sanders
BC Manager, University of Ulster

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